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About AoV

"What is AoV?"

AoV is a roleplay group based off a mysterious and arcane Academy, hidden deep in the majestic mountains and forests of Norway. We're a group dedicated to those who adore mysteries, suspense, riddles, roleplaying, and of course, Villains. Here you can practice your art skills, and learn new ones by taking classes all while having fun by roleplaying at the same time.

You start by joining one of nine Dorms based on your character's personality, then you and your fellow Dorm Members can compete with other Dorms, solve mysteries, participate in events, quests, contests, battles and more!

Everyone is free to roleplay through pictures or our Chat Room and there is always plenty to explore. There are surprises and mysteries around every corner waiting to be solved so we welcome you to come and join the fun!

~ Headmaster K :heart:


Headmaster K


Dorm Masters


Staff Members



How to Become a: Staff Member & Accept Jobs

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 6, 2013, 4:43 PM
:iconyellowsparklesplz: :iconacademy-of-villains: :iconyellowsparklesplz:

Hello there! Are you interested in working here at the Academy?
Keep reading to learn how to become an Honored Staff Member of AoV!

AoV Staff Member Design Sheet by eldendgha

What do Staff Members do?

Staff Members work inside the Academy! In-character, they are the employees that keep the Academy running.

For example: maids, cooks, gardeners, mail delivery, advisors, maintenance and so on.

Out-of-character, Staff Members create clip art, memes, templates and other art used in major and minor events.

They give the Students lots of memes and templates and fun things to do! They also can help Teachers design assignments, or even help Dorm Masters!

Why, you ask, would anyone want to simply make memes all day..? The money, of course! Staff Members are the only people in the Academy who actually, literally, awesomely get paid for what they do!

You heard me. Staff Members are paid in :points:DeviantART Points.
Why? Because they are a currency everyone on DA can use.

On top of making memes and getting paid for it, Staff Members are also allowed to make a character-- and use him/her in Roleplaying! Staff Members are allowed to participate in major and minor events, and even take classes!

In short, they're able to do everything a Student can do, the only difference is that Staff Members get the option to make memes, and get paid.

How does it work?

So let's say a meme needs to be made for a main event, a Job Offer will be posted in the Staff Area of the group.

(NOTE: You have to be a Staff Member before you can see the Staff Area, it's the Admin section of the group.)

A Job Offer will look something like this:



- Deadline: This Friday! 11/09/10

- Size of the Meme: 1000 X 1000

- Number of Boxes in the Meme: 6

- Title/Name of Meme: Man Eating Plant Attack!

- Content in each Box: Accept the job, and I'll send you a note with the text for each box!

- Color(s) of Meme: You can pick the color this time! It's about plants though, so maybe green?

- Style: Victorian-- think of AoV's main theme, dark and Victorian!

- Font: You pick! However, something either Victorian or plant-like is preferred.

- Payment details: I will pay 20 DA Points for this meme if it's done properly, and up to 40 DA points for extra effort, or a great job! I'll pay a minimum of 2 DA Points, if the meme isn't as requested/is poorly done. Do your best!


Then, you would contact the employer-- and accept the job. The first one with it done CORRECTLY gets paid, it can't be a shitty-meme done in ten seconds-- or you won't get paid a lot!

The more complex the job, the more DeviantART Points the employer will pay and Staff Members are allowed to bargain/haggle to raise the price!

So, in order to be a Staff Member you have to have a good work ethic, strong commission/listening skills, a strong digital art sense, and be good at making clip art, crests, logos or advertisements, stock images, memes & templates etc.

How do I become a Staff Member?

Staff Members are the back bone of AoV, they create all the graphics for the events and group! If you're interested in design and getting hands-on with the events, talk to kikikittykat to see about becoming a Staff Member! We'd love to have you on the team, and-- you get paid! (You'll be paid in :points: DeviantART Points according to the work you do.)

How many characters can I have as a Staff Member?

One character, however that character will have Staff Member status, which allows you to participate in all events, and allows you to take Classes!


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Black-Sebastain Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Is this group at all active anymore? I was really looking forward to try and join it again.
(1 Reply)
Acsh Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, thank you guys for the great, though short, time at AoV >.< It's been a fun experience all in all, but I feel like I don't contribute much anymore and thus, will be leaving. Once again, thanks for the opportunities, and good luck with everything here! :)
ThePrinceZuli Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
I always found it difficult to leave groups, but I think with all that happened, it's time to move on. I had a great time when i first joined and happy with some of the memories here and the people i met. Maybe I will join back again one day if I see it back again in it's prime.
ThePrinceZuli Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
Group is going back on inactivity again .o.
(1 Reply)
AndrewMartinD Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm just going to go ahead and make this a public announcment, I will be resigning my duties as dorm admin and the group. This is partially my fault, as I never got actively engaged with the community and never really got into it as much as I could have.

However as soon as I got here the other admins and dorm masters got quiet, and I realized that the group is either on the verge of a big change, or more likely is on a long haitus. As I'm not even remotely qualified to help in anyway, I think I'm just gonna back out for now.

Anyone I've met through this though it was a pleasure! I'll still be lurking possibly and I harbor no hard feelings whatsoever, this is all on me. I simply don't have the time in my daily life to have another group looming over me (much less a mostly inactive one)
(1 Reply)
ThePrinceZuli Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
poor page looks all cluttered
TheMLT Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey I was just curious, is this group still active? Because I would really like to join when enrollment starts again. ^^
Musicahiro Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Why do I always miss your enrollment? :iconsobbplz:
True-Bloody-Fate Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist
I'm really interested in applying as a professor. Is it too late for me to send my app?
Axilery Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I would be interested in applying as well; I'm impressed by this group's orderly layout. :heart:
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