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December 23, 2012


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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 23, 2012, 7:33 PM


The winners to the K Returns Event have been decided!

:star: The first place prize of 100 DA Points :points: goes to: NyanCatAndHelloKitty! :happybounce:

.:Free AoV Cursor:. by NyanCatAndHelloKitty

P.S. - Thank you, NyanCatAndHelloKitty for the Awesome cursor! Totally cool! :heart:

And then, we had a three-way tie!

:star: The second and third place prizes combined: 125 DA Points :points: will be split evenly between ArthurArtFarts, GrimathyGunn, and OnYourGoat! :happybounce:

Excellent job guys! Congratulations! :clap:

K had returned, bringing with him bad news, and more questions than answers. Heroes are everywhere--  the Academy has never been better, and worse, at the same time. Should the Hero(es) escape.. well.. you don't have to be in Mazdak to know that things would not end well. What happens next could make, or break, our history forever.


It was winter in Norway, and every surface one could imagine was covered in a blanket of glittering snow.

The weather was bitter, but the Academy was warm and quiet. Although Iksian's soldiers still marched the halls, there were less of them. The Academy seemed... calm.

However, underneath its calm exterior.. there was an air of quiet excitement. Whispers filled every empty space they could find, and secrets oozed from the walls. The Academy wasn't only deep in snow, it was also deep in mystery this winter season.

Today was like any other day-- yet.. where the halls use to feel lifeless and cold (under Iksian's rule of confusion) the building itself seemed relaxed and comfortable now, as if it was purring with content.

But of course... Iksian still owned them all.. that was when an announcement was made over the intercom. It was the Headmaster, Iksian, (of course) speaking.

"Alright everyone. File into the auditorium. That means everyone, including those douchebags who keep smoking behind the bleachers. I know who you are." click.

Classes immediately ceased and the halls flooded with Students and Staff as everyone made their way to the Auditorium, what now..? They began to talk to one another, rumors began to openly circle. Some said the old Headmaster's (Headmaster K's) body had been found, and that he was confirmed dead. Some argued that he was back and alive. Some said Heroes were going to kill them all, and some believed the Academy was going to close from the strain of it's holders.

Some were right.

Once the Auditorium was full, the lights dimmed down and the stage was lit with two spotlights, one on Iksian, who stood, glaring into the crowd. The other was centered on.. no one.

"EVERYONE! Shut up or I release the shoggoths!" Iksian snapped. Clearly, he was fed up with something. But.. Iksian also seemed more relaxed. As if a weight had been removed from his shoulders. He stood comfortably before them.

"As it turns out, running an academy is a piece of shit. It requires things like feeling for your fellow man, and actually giving a shit about what happens to all of you little shits. You don't listen, you're hardly fit to do anything but clean my boots, and I'm pretty sure the majority of you will die horribly in whatever accident is waiting to happen in your sad, pathetic, short little lives.

And for those of you with long lives I'm sure you spent them in your home sucking on your Mother's tit. But that point aside... I've decided to return the Academy to K. Why? Because Morose is sick of running things and I can't be arsed to force that burden on him anymore. I intended to run things, but defense became my priority. I have soldiers. AND THEY LISTEN! Fancy that. Fuck all of you, peace out." And he drops the mike.

Then, like magic, the empty spotlight beside Iksian was filled with the gentle frame of a blond man with an apologetic, yet kind smile on his goofy face. The old Headmaster, Headmaster K.

Thank you Pumpernicky for the image!

He didn't even get to speak before the Auditorium was filled with overwhelming noise. Some blatant shouts of 'BOOOO' were followed by pious cheers of joy, and questions blasted the stage.

K reached down and gingerly picked the mike up, before he took to the podium. He then held up his hand as a gesture for silence-- regardless, the noise continued for several minutes before it actually did quiet down.

"It's okay, I have answers just everyone calm down.." K said, scratching the back of his neck and it was clear (to those close enough to see it) that he was nervous, but being before his Students and Staff... after such a long time.. caused him to relax as he smiled endearingly at them all.

He'd missed them all.

"H-Hello everyone! It's.. so.. so very good to be back... I know that all of you have mixed feelings about me. I just want to take this moment to thank you all, for being so strong while I was away. I-I'm.. quite frankly amazed at how well you handled this and.. worked together! Aha.. ah.. you.. really surprised me.. there's a lot of love among us, I can tell.. and while we don't always agree, and have our moments.. I feel we're all still a family.. a strong one at that.

I would also like thank a few individuals especially.. who worked so hard to keep this place running-- starting with Iksian and Morose.. followed by Theodore, Ms. Rosalind-- who-- by the way... I told her to tell you all that.. pathetic lie about me being 'off in the Netherlands, Dragon Hunting'.. I know she faced a lot of suspicion for that-- and for my absence. I'm sorry, Ida.

I'd also like to thank our hardworking Staff as a whole.. I know it wasn't easy... but I'm going to make it easier from now on, alright? Just trust me, I'll prove it to you." K smiled nervously.. as if someone was glaring at the back of his head.

"Above all, I would like to apologize for leaving you all when you needed me most. I am truly-- very sorry.. There's no place else I would rather be, then here with you. So I won't be leaving you all again-- that I promise.

Now... no more time can be wasted on words like these-- I brought you all here to clarify things and answer some very urgent questions. I'm going to be honest with you all-- I lied. I kept things from you all. But it's about time I came clean and told you all exactly what you deserve to know." he cleared his throat.

"Listen carefully."

The room became very, very silent. The air was thick with nervous curiosity.

"Everyone-- we're in danger. Very big danger. Students.. Staff.. have you ever heard of the 'Hero Society'..? Let me explain.

The Hero Society is an old and well organized system of 'Heroes' or 'good people' who dominate countries and governments across the globe. They're very strong and large in number and... surprise: they want all of us dead. H-However, they weren't ever suppose to know we existed. Now.. some of them do.

I feared that.. there were some of them among us but... I wasn't sure. Now I know that-- my fear is fact.

Ladies and Gentlemen and beings alike-- the Heroes are here. No doubt, in this very room. I have failed you-- they have infiltrated our Academy. However, only the ones among us-- know where we are. As far as I know-- the Hero Society's main Head Quarters have not been notified of our position-- there is still time.

Do not panic. I have a fix: but it's going to take time, and be... tough.

We have to find the Heroes.

They've no doubt fit in very well among us all-- so it's going to take everyone to find them. and I'll tell you how, in just a moment.

The Academy is on 100% lock down. Not even a fly is able to leave this Campus. Those who were previously living in the woods or off campus-- have been brought inside. No one leaves. Trust me: you don't want to, unless you want to be accused of being a Hero and-- killed.

I don't like it.. but I have to be strict here-- to protect us all.

Now, I'm going to tell you all briefly where I've been. I've been here all along.

It's quite difficult to explain actually.... All that truly matters here and now is-- I'm okay, and I'm back and I'm going to take my job much more seriously. The truth of where I have been is nothing compared to the problems we're facing at the moment. The truth will come out to you all at a later date, when it's appropriate.

I would like also to know at this time that Dr. Theodore is not dead.

Yes, Theodore was killed in the Underground Train-Station (none of you were suppose to know existed..)" he mumbled, "But I will cover what he was killed by at a later time. Just so that everyone knows: what killed him was not a Hero and I already know what killed him. It's under control.

Theodore is back; do not ask me how.. He can't even explain it-- but we're all glad to have him back, looks like he wasn't as human as previously thought... I uh.. I couldn't be more glad! Aha.. ha.. ahem, yes.

So I'd like to bring him out for you now-- and Mr. DeArnet as well, for I have some special news to announce regarding the two of them. Dr. Theodore will be taking over :bulletorange: Mazdak, Dorm of Intelligence--"

"NEEERDS." an echo came from the crowd. Then-- dead silence, save for a few snickers. K flushed, embarrassed.

"Aha.. y-yeah a-anyway.. a-and Morose will be taking over :bulletpurple: Sililuuth, for the Manipulative. So welcome them on stage-- everyone?"

Both Theodore and Morose slowly took form on stage and after a moment-- applause ensued. K went to shake their hands-- flinching when he shook Morose's, perhaps the nightmare squeezed too hard..? Next was  Theodore who refused to shake K's hand-- brushing past him, mumbling something that also made the Headmaster visually flinch (perhaps with guilt.)

Afterwards, K was holding his own hand in pain as he resumed the podium once more.

"Aha.. I think they're more then suited for the job...! A-anyway.. moving along.. Heroes among us.. Theodore isn't dead.. They're now Dorm Masters.." K muttered to himself-- it seemed he was listing things off to himself as he stared at the floor.

"Oh! Right-- how to catch the Heroes. Well, obviously-- they're listening right now-- and that's okay. Just focus on what I have to say: stop talking. What I mean is.. for the next week I'm going to ask all of you-- if you want to find the Heroes and rid our Academy of their useless forms-- to stop talking to all of your friends, and everyone, and to give them all the cold shoulder.

I know it will be hard. But-- if they're truly your friends: they'll understand that this is a needed safety precaution to stop the spread of any more important information to potential Heroes in AoV.

Don't talk about anything but the weather-- and if the weather involves AoV-- don't talk about it. Got it?

Now, aside from not talking-- I need everyone to think back on all the times you've spent in this establishment-- and think of all the people you know, and don't know, and pick one or two that you think-- are Heroes. Submit your 'Hero Accusation Application Form' to the Front Desk.

HOWEVER-- think with facts! You have to have some reasons why you think they're Heroes-- otherwise you may be condemning an innocent Villain to death! Be wise with your choices."

Iksian then stepped forward, putting a 'friendly' hand on K's shoulder-- he was smirking as he grabbed hold of the mike--

"LIKE K! Who is a Hero. Or he was. He was bad at being a Hero. He is bad at a lot of things. HE IS PRETTY BAD AT BEING A VILLAIN TOO! Bad at getting a girlfriend, bad at getting a life, bad at technology, bad in bed. Not that I would know. I totally know."

K gave him a look. "I was never a-- AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW I'M BAD IN BED!?"

Iksian didn't miss a beat, "I'd write these things on my application, do all my explanations, try to dig up dirt, and all around ruin his life. Though the cold accusation ALONE would put someone up in arms!"


K smacked Iksian's hand off his shoulder. "What the hell are you-- implying?" he huffed, trying not to look too embarrassed, though he failed miserably.

"I'm implying you're horrible at everything"

"Choose a better example next time--" K snapped, face red, and Iksian smirked.

"Oh, you mean like miss ROSALIND who I know for a fact-"

"That's enough! Iksian!" K shouted, causing the mike to ring rather loudly. "That's enough. I understand-- thank you for your demonstration.. yes..

A-actually.... yes!

Students? Staff-- take a good look-- this is how you should handle accusing those who you think are Heroes-- just-- on paper. List your facts-- alright? Er.. though I don't approve of who Iksian chose.." K made a face at Iksian, who didn't appear to care at all.

"Choose wiser than he did, and we'll capture the invaders in no time." and then the blond Headmaster grinned nervously, shuffling through papers clumsily before clearing his throat and moving on.

"One- ah.. o-one last thing: Rules.

Iksian set some Rules down when he was Headmaster-- all of them are now void. As Headmaster, I have crafted a set of Rules for my darling Students and Staff to follow. They're to ensure the love and safety of all is protected.

They apply to everyone, even myself. Claiming you did not know these Rules is not a valid excuse to escape their consequence if broken. I never did receive the chance to tell you what the actual Academy Rules were before my disappearance-- so here we go:


In-Character Rules
((These rules apply to the Role playing side of AoV, all of the following apply to the world of AoV, not the real world.))

Do not enter, approach, ask about, or go near the Forbidden Tower.
Immediate expulsion will ensue if you do, I mean it.

Be kind to your fellow Villains, they are your allies; regardless of what Dorm they are in.
Competitive nature will no doubt occur within the Academy, remain polite and respectful to each other. We are Villains, yes, this does not mean we can't be civil to one another on a daily basis.

Fighting fellow Villains is prohibited.
Unless for educational purposes and is being governed by a Staff member and in no way shape of form is meant to cause harm.

Respect authority. Sometimes.
We're Villains! We'll be rebellious now and then, it's in our blood. However, the Staff are here to help teach and guide you (most of them anyway) show them respect 90% of the time.
The other 10% you can use to bad-talk them behind their backs.

Respect the Academy.
I as Headmaster pay too much on, (and Felix our custodian, fixes too many) damages caused by my beloved Students and Staff. Do not damage or break things in the Academy. If it's an accident that's fine, but: 'I broke it accidentally while shooting a paint ball gun at my friend' does not count as an accident or anything similar to that. I spent my life building this Academy, please, if you don't respect me-- at least respect this establishment during your stay here.

Alcohol is prohibited.* (Except for Staff granted by the Headmaster)
Hear me out, loud and clear. I as Headmaster pay for your tuition, the electricity, your rooms, your food, the property taxes, the /works/. I will not allow alcohol anywhere within 50 miles of my Academy, whether it be inside you or not. I allow every other drug you can think of. You name it, I allow it-- except Alcohol, in any way shape or form. Anyone found with alcohol will earn the /entire/ Academy three months of nothing to eat, but beans. The Restaurant Le Pain De Rive will serve nothing. but. beans. for three months. The one(s) guilty/the ones who do not eat human food will be the one(s) serving the beans and cleaning up after the meals during that time.

Heroes are not allowed.
To protect the Family of AoV, any person associated (with good standing) to the Hero Society or who claims to be a 'Hero' (or any other standing against our establishment) is not allowed within the Academy grounds, nor is allowed knowledge of the Academy's existence. If they are found within the Academy, or obtain knowledge of it, they will be destroyed. It's what must be done to protect us all.


And yeah-- uh.. th-that's it!" K smiled politely as the auditorium was filled with murmuring. "I know many of you will be displeased about the Alcohol Rule but.. It's a Rule. You can leave into town and drink once the Lock Down on the school is over. For now: no."

He then shuffled his feet for a minute, and sighed heavily-- rubbing his face with one hand.

"I know it's close to Christmas... I know you've all been stressed. Let us start over-- and make things right, I know we can." He smiled tiredly.

"It's good to be back, I missed you all dearly.. Have a good night, you're all dismissed."

With that, he turned and left backstage along with Iksian, Morose and Theodore-- as the room errupted with talk and immediate chatter-- but then--

Slowly... Everyone remembered their current situation-- Heroes were among them.. Silence.

And just like that an aura of doom and suspicion passed over the entire room like fog.

Headmaster K had said Heroes were among us, but who? It could be your best friend-- a Teacher-- your sibling-- your love-- or the person standing right next to you.

Silently everyone left the Auditorium, giving all their friends and otherwise accusing looks and snotty glances.

Boy, Merry Christmas AoV and a Happy New Year.


Should we survive that long.


:clap: CONGRATULATIONS! :clap:

Due to adamant plot involvement, the following Students have earned a spot in the Chapter game at the end of the Semester!

:happybounce: ArthurArtFarts :happybounce:

:happybounce: Novasiri :happybounce:

:happybounce: TeamTakagi :happybounce:

You three will get a note about how all of this works shortly! Stay tuned!


:bulletblue: Hero Accusation Application Form :bulletblue:

Heroes, Heroes, everywhere! surely you think /someone/ in this Academy is a Hero, so it's time to call that jerk out and show them why it's not wise to mess with us Villains!

Hero Accusation Application Form by Veezibee
Thank you to Veezibee for the meme!

Fill out the Meme explaining who you think is a Hero and why-- give us facts! We need some facts if we're going to behead the poor sod.

**NOTE: You can only accuse up to TWO people! (meaning you can do the meme a total of /twice/)

Worth: 10 event points

:bulletblue: Cast your Vote. :bulletblue:

Everyone will be voting on who's a Hero and who isn't! (based on who gets accused the most on the Hero Accusation Application Form Meme!) You also get to Vote on what we, as Villains, should do to the Hero when we capture 'em!

Vote on two poll entries in the group to decide the fate of the supposed Hero! Vote wisely.... your vote could change the outcome of this whole ordeal and could condemn an innocent Villain to death!

Vote on who's a Hero here: (Will be posted Jan 10th!)

Vote on what we'll do to them here: (Will be posted January 15th!)

If you post a list of facts /why/ you voted for who you voted for you get 10 event points!

(This only applies for the Poll concerning who's a Hero, not on what we'll do to the Hero-- obviously.)

:bulletblue: Who wants to play 'CLUE'? :bulletblue:

Strange.. you would think that if everyone was looking for a Hero-- any Heroes present would try their very best to fit in now of /all times/-- right?

Someone is leaving clues behind, is it someone playing a stupid joke on us all? Or is it someone trying to place false information to get a fellow Villain accused? Or.. is it a real Hero?

Find all the clues and decide for yourself!

(Clues will be hidden all around the Academy, but mostly in the Gallery)

:bulletblue::snowflake::bulletblue: Secret Santa! :bulletblue::snowflake::bulletblue:

It's Christmas! So what if we all might be dead in a few short weeks, days or hours? It's time to enjoy the holidays and celebrate the season of giving!

Sign up with the Secret Santa event, and give and receive fan art of AoV characters!

**NOTE: ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU'RE 150% SURE YOU'RE GOING TO COMPLETE YOUR HALF OF THE S.S. EVENT! We don't want any disappointed faces this Christmas, thank you! :heart:

Click me!

Thank you to Rfetus for the event!

Don't let distressed, screaming, Headmaster K deter you, sign up today! :heart:

To sign up: click screaming K and follow the instructions!

:bulletblue::snowflake::bulletblue: Pucker Up! :bulletblue::snowflake::bulletblue:

It's Christmas time! The time of Mistletoe and Hero invaders!

AoV: MISTLETOE MEME by b-marble
Thank you to b-marble for the meme!

Grab a partner (OR ANYONE AHA) and give them a kiss! Let's hope you didn't just kiss a Hero! Merry Christmas!

Worth: 10 event points

:bulletblue: OTHER :bulletblue:

If you drew something related to the event, but it doesn't fit into ANY of the above, submit it to the gallery folder "Headmaster K Returns" > "OTHER 3"

**NOTE: things sorted into this folder will not count for any event points, and are usually just for fun. HOWEVER, if the picture is found impressive extra points will be rewarded for these pieces! :heart:

:star: The person(s) with the most credits earned by January 10th receives:

:star: First Place:

100 DA points :points:

:star: Second place:

75 DA points :points:

:star: Third Place:

50 DA points :points:

Have fun!

** File all of the submissions for this event into the gallery folder “Villainous Life” > “Headmaster K Returns”, thank you!

:bulletred: NOTE: Any submissions not filed into the "Headmaster K Returns" folders will NOT count for credits! Please try to file them correctly! If you don't know how, feel free to ask! If they aren't in the correct folder, we WILL NOT BE MOVING THEM IN THERE FOR YOU! There are too many, and we do not have the time to sort them correctly so PLEASE! Sort them right the first time! :heart:

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Kalte- *stares* I thought that you left for good. . . I would have been elated, if that were true. . .
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Heat rushed into his body the moment it all sank in. Gosh, he'd been so preoccupied with hiding from all the scary things, while trying to also solve those mysterious, that he'd neglected to do any school work or even try to be villainous.

Gin already knew K was missing, and that was it. He was really happy to have him back, honestly, because he felt safe when he was around, doing his ...headmaster-y thing. Whatever he did. But now, woo boy, this was getting serious. It was good to know he wasn't the only hero, though, if he could be defined as such.

Shakily, he rose from his seat when able, but lingered there for a few moments. He caught the sneers and snarls of the others, only making his stomach knot even tighter. Oh, gosh, he was going to be sick.
TheQueenOfDespair Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
(( K IS BACK OMG <3333 YAY! ))

Through all the murming and what not, -and people obviously taller than her- she caught a glimps of the real, alive, legit, Headmaster K. And since no words could be formed, Vox could only wave to him.
Beccapige Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sononi glanced, "I came here after Iksian took over", there was a slight pause, "I'm just happy that you're a wonderful headmaster like everyone told me you were~"

(Does copic markers with a trace of alcohol count XDD?)
kikikittykat Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
K stared-- face heating up. "Th-that's-- that's so sweet of you!" ;A;

His arms sort of-- looked like they wanted to hug Sononi, but were holding back, as they hung half-mast in the air, hands curling and uncurling.

"W-Welcome to the Academy Q___Q" He stuttered. "I just hope-- I don't fail you..." ;____;

((YES lmao XD sob, even copic markers XD K has a serious hate against Alcohol-- even-- the kind you can't drink apparently. XD lmao))
Beccapige Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sononi chuckled lightly, "Don't worry" there was a short pause "I have a strong feeling you won't"

OceanPelt Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
Uh oh... Liam: Headmaster, tell me this has nothing to do with my run in with the AoH a few months ago. Tell me, please. I've already started three wars before this, I don't want a fourth one on my conscience!
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